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Fear or dislike of bringing about or even talking or studying stuff that relates to ethnicity or people's color and or ethnic origin.
It s horrific to distort history and the Arts alike. The truth will come out some day. I am hundred percent sure that removing the N-word from a great masterpiece Like Twain‘s "Huck Finn" is not only offensive to American Artists and worldwide Artists, but it is also offensive to blacks in America and , may be, somewhere else. Sending a whole era of blacks' enslavement to the rubbles of history is throwing dusts in people's eyes and acting as if that doomed era never existed. On top of that it is disgraceful to the author himself, who used that word for textual and contextual reasons. I think the publisher should reconsider the horrible mistake , which reflects on a problem of ethnophobia that publisher has, but not the American people or the people of the rest of the World.
by jay musleh February 02, 2011
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The fear that leads to the hatred of another human being based solely on differences perceived by their exterior appearance; including, but not limited to skin color, hair color, eye shape, facial structure, religious background or gender identity.
Members of the KKK are ethnophobes. They have Ethnophobia that has been encouraged through generations of ignorance and the spread of misinformation.
by schizmark July 20, 2013
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