Kissing using their dicks. Touching of two dicks.
I just got Estonian kissed by John. FML!!!
by Red dead redemption February 1, 2016
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An individual from the armpit of Eastern Europe, Often tries to micro manage each and all situations, and is in most part disliked by all.
I wish Martin Kuustic would quit being such an Estonian Cheese Mongrel.
by The Ugly Truth November 18, 2009
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When a man spreads the woman's vagina flaps and attempts to stick his head into it. This normally ends up with a trip to the ER as it is not safe for both genders. This can be done with the same sex (see Finnish jackhammer).
Brian: "so I gave Sandra the Estonian jackhammer last night!"
Andre: "is she ok?!?"
by The isis November 13, 2014
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When host throws you out of his house because you ate something from their fridge
That douche estonian cheesed me in the middle of the night
by anVlad11 November 21, 2018
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When you squeem your ejaculate and crack an egg in a cup and chug it to completion, whilst aggressively beating off locking eyes with an Estonian woman.
Hey shorty wanna watch me drank a fat Estonian Egg Nog? I’m feeling frisky… Katwiiiiiii
by LubedUpLarry_xxx April 6, 2022
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