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Extreme alteration of "Lets Get It". Popularized by a Soundcloud artist named "Lil Pump".(other aliases include "Professor Pump", "Liliam Pumpernickle", "Lyrical Genius", ect) Lil Pump was first seen using this term when recording himself inside of a car with Smokepurpp. Smokepurpp exclaimed "Look at all these shopping bags!", and then there was an uproar inside of the vehicle of them chaotically screaming "Essketit" without a determinable purpose.

"Essketit" can mean a plethora of things. It can be used to express excitement, pleasure, acceptance, ect. Basically, it means "I/We will prosper, let us proceed".
Agamemnon: "Brothers! Let us smite the wretched Troy and retrieve Our great queen, Helen!"

Greek Military: *exclaims in unison*

Agamemnon: "ESSKETIT!"

Greek Military: *in unison*"ESSKETIT!!"
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by Purrpologist March 05, 2019
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A word made by the 17 year old virgin himself, Lil Pump, commonly used when boolin, it means "lets get it" or "lets have a good time. derived from the Latin word "ess' which means "fuck yeah" and "ketit" which means "woman tit" so in actuality it means "fuck yea woman tits"
*lil pump shoots gun mid screech* ESSSSKEEETIT ESSKETIT ESSKETIT
by Juul King May 09, 2018
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A stupid term that Lil Pump uses. He's tryna say "Lets get it" but he's dropped outta school, and doesn't know how to pronounce words.
We just hit 1 subscriber... "ESSKETIT!!!" Said Lil Pump
by Black2J May 24, 2018
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