The ability to escape from reality to a world of fantasy.
Most of the world's great pieces of art, from music to film and paintings, all come from the artist's fantasies.
Escapism is the best way to leave your own life behind, and become king of your own little world.
by AFantasist February 1, 2011
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An addiction to doing things that make you forget the world. Someone that is a victim of escapism is often found in self denial about things in life, becuase they find it unbearable to face the world. A victim of escapism usually has bad grades, daydreams way to often and has major mood swings. They also have trust issues and are secretly wishing they were dead. escape suicidesuicidal lonely sad emo alone
"i think that girl over there is a victim of escapism" "im trapped in the addiction of escapsim"
by onethousandruby November 12, 2008
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Song off the Pete Rock and CL Smooth 1994 Album, The Main Ingredient. The song features the perfect old school beat with Pete Rock providing the vocals. To appreciate the song to the fullest, smoke a blunt with it.
"The name is Pete Rock, I'll take you higher than the ism. I'm on an exodus, Escapism."
by Soul Brother #1 August 16, 2009
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Originating in the time of Confucius and closely linked with Taoism, it includes all activities, hobbies, and moments (for example, self-realizations and other forms of enlightenment) that induces a state of detachment, euphoria, occasionally memory loss, and can also often leads to adventure.
Escapeism can also be defined as a philosophy or "way" of life. The Escapeist philosophy can be defined in four parts (all of which have infinite potential to combine to fit each individuals' path):
1. The inclination to break free from confinement or control.
2. The ability to successfully avoid dangerous or unpleasant things.
3. A mastering of the art of escape to somewhere or from somewhere through certain rituals or activities specific to each individual.
4. A partiality to or impulse for temporary distraction from reality or routine.

Escapeism is not a religion, it does not involve any kind of deity, but rather a path of life and/or state of mind which exists as means of promoting compelling experiences which allow the individual to enjoy a transient, yet genuine and fulfilling euphoria.
The most common practiced form of Escapeism is often tied in with what sociologists would label "deviant behavior."

by Charlie Grassfield July 14, 2008
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Something we all crave, but can never truly find. The closest we can get to escape is lighting up some good weed and just trying to forget all our problems in this hell we call life, but still we can never truly find it
I'm gonna try to escape my problems with some good dope
by Blinkerrr February 10, 2015
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No escape is when you enter the Hetalia hetalia fandom. There is no escape and it may be all fun and games at the start, but it is the definition of no escape.
'Damn I'm stuck in the Hetalia fandom'- person A

'That's a true no escape moment, good luck lmao.'- person B
by Hetalian_Hell November 27, 2019
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