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She's usually a very pretty girl and has nice boobies but has no ass what so ever.she is very experienced when it comes to sexual activities.if your very sexy and you have a big reputation with the females then your getting laded tonight by her.if your popular and can have any girl you want you'll usually want her and she will give you what ever you want.when I say what ever mean everything and anything!
The most popular guy in the school gets fucked by a pretty girl with big ass titties she was such an "erissa"
by Shitballs blah December 30, 2010
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A girl who always makes sure everyone is okay before her. Sometimes mean but only if she finds trouble in a situation or if you’re disrespectful to her first.has an amazing ass. Smart and can keep good grades most of the time. Usually had deep brown eyes and no matter her skin color she’s always beautiful. If she feels comfortable with a person she’ll do annnything with and for them. Even on her bad days she’s a gorgeous girl inside and out.
You know the pretty girl?

Yeah, she’s such an Erissa
by daddy_rose November 21, 2018
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