The world's greatest footballer, and is used to describe anything epic
guy1: did you see the game last night ?

guy2: yer, it was so Eriksen
by @mattray10 January 4, 2012
Awesome people. Not to be mistaken with being related to someone named Erik.
"Hey Eriksen, you're cool!"
"I know, but I'm not related to anyone with Erik as a first name."
"Yes I know that, errybody knows that, Mr. Cool!"
by Olavvv January 10, 2019
An animated italian gal, who's stunning through and through. She's so captivating and charming you will love every second you're blessed with her presence. All while she's charming you she's stealing your girl out from under you. She can fuck better than Christian Grey and trys not to let on to that fact, but you all can see it's in her dna

2) reasons girls are turning lesbian
3) witty and sauve

4) sexual deviant
Oh my God, i love that girl she always brings the party to life but why is my gf following her to the bathroom? Duh you love her she's Collette Eriksen. Looks like your girl loves her too.
by RealMVP94 December 20, 2016
Marshall Eriksen is a phrase use for Creepy in the Series of HIMYM
Carl: You are such a Marshall Eriksen
by DddraV March 10, 2019
a marshall eriksen is a terminology for a tall child rapist
"look at that tall man watching the children on the swings, he looks like a marshall eriksen get them indoors"
by spandexdave January 25, 2015
To collapse or suffer from a cardiac arrest, just like he did during the 2020 EURO.
Oh no! Looks like Tyler just Eriksen'd. WE NEED HELP!
by KØHLER exists. January 25, 2023