Erika is bright always happy and laughs about almost everything you say of the teacher gets mad at her she’d laugh because laughing is one of her favorite things to do she also will never tell your secret to anyone she is loyal and artistic to
“Erika is my best friend

“Erika made me laugh so hard that I cried
by Elena27 October 23, 2019
She has the ability to make you dream vividly of her every night, but sadly when you find yourself with eyes open and reach for the other side of the bed there is an emptiness and yearn for her sacred presence at your side. She is nothing short of the most incredible person you will ever meet, will make you wonder how many years did I have to wait to meet you. Love her, love her, love her, because you don't want to lose her, it doesn't matter what stage of your life you are in. Do not lose her, imagine all the countless paths your life could have gone to, she came to be the woman of your life. Dedicate yourself to her, because she came to make a life with you.

PS: Make her feel so loved, she has the right to be given the uttermost affection always. Once you love her and commit just remember time, space, distance, even death could never break such divine bonds of eternal love.
Erika is magical, just imagine waking up to her everyday. Slowly caressing her until she says why don't you kiss me too?
by HiramDragon October 23, 2020
Sexy ass bitch 😍😍😍
Oh is that Erika ? She’s sexy
by Kookie12 December 29, 2018
Erika is such a great person. She’ll never give up, she’ll keep going until her goal is achieved. Erika is a loving person and her presence can light up a room. Erika is also a very beautiful woman, no one compares to Erika.
Me : Omg is that Erika ?
Them: no way that’s her
by qwq_ling ling January 23, 2021
A funny pretty girl who loves bunnies and animals. Dreams of the sea, and loves her family with her dads smile.She is a good swimmer and softball player. She is short though but that doesn't stop her
Have you seen Erika she will treachvyou how to play softball.
by Name changer March 14, 2017
Someone who has horrible taste in men, but tends to go for the genuine nice guy. She is inteligent but likes not to show it. She brightens up a room with her laugh and is passionate about her opinions. She is beautiful but modest, outgoing yet in her own little world, and most of all a good friend. She also an ass kicking friend who will defend her like a pack of hungry hybird Pirahna Wolves, Yes her one friend will become a lone pack of Pirahna Wolves.
Erika is a dumbass, yet i want to fuck her so bad it hurts!
by Vetter Willow BAMF July 8, 2011