A really humble person , who takes life day by day.He is a very handsome guy and he knows that he is a smart guy. His family cherishes him and depends on him often. He doesn't let anything get to him to often , but when it does , you'd wish you never pissed him off. He is a great person in whole. Always chill and staying out of the way. He is shaky when it comes to love and commitment but when he loves , it is the best love you could ever receive. He is also very smart , he is a great listener and he has a huge capacity to remember everything that you say. What would the world do without him around.
by RaeNicole March 13, 2017
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Eride is one of the nicest guys. He is always helpfull
-Eride is so nice!
by Owly 🦉🥛 May 22, 2021
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