Those certain females who have such a nice pair of tits on them that, regardless of what she is wearing, it will cause an onlooking male to develop an instant erection.
Oops, I need to excuse myself for a few minutes because that cheerleader has an outstanding erector set on her.
by malarrya May 11, 2009
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This dude I know got his erector set caught in a Salad Shooter. Now he's missing a nut.
by Einstein April 30, 2003
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something used to cause a massive boner
im horny, let me go get my erector set
by condom head October 11, 2003
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1. A kit full of of screws and metal beams you put together and make an object out of.

2. An assortment of sex toys.
1. Little Timmy loved the dinosaur erector set he got for his birthday.

2. John had a little trouble getting ready, lucky for him his wife brought out an erector set as a solution.
by Original Orangutans August 6, 2019
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