you can get this by using stretch screen, having razer mouse, headset and keyboard, have heaps of friends to scream with when u do something cool. having this will enable superpowers, thus, getting epic pogchamp moments. (only epic gamers would have this)
you: (gets no kills with ur dva bomb) wow! epic gamer swag!
also you: (gets team kill when getting suit back)
everyone in discord: OMG POTG! SUCH EPIC GAMER SWAG!
by swagstergamer69 January 14, 2019
As coined by Seth Evermen, "epic swag" is gamer for hello.
Guy1: Hey bro, wanna hop on the craft?
Guy2: Epic swag, man. Hell yea, lets get those diamonds.
by TurnipPop April 28, 2020
nae nae epic swag is a Super Mario Maker 2 (SMM2) level series made by Hey Lois. The levels where then popularized by YouTube content creator PangaeaPanga. The levels feature Peter Griffin and other characters from popular TV show Family Guy.
I just played the most recent nae nae epic swag level!
by sub2spooky21 July 30, 2021
Used to define a relatively spectacular moment.
Jim Bob Carrie: My wife just got pregnant! I'm going to be an uncle!
Pim Lob Sarrie: YO! That's epic swag cash money!
by Hunterry April 23, 2022
Epic Yolo swag
"I indeed have Epic Yolo swag."
by Azknu June 17, 2021