Ephedrine is a diet pill/weight loss supplement that is sold in stores. It is commonly abused as a psychological hallucinogen drug. Overdosing on ephedrine is similar to an LSD trip.
lets go trip on some ephedrine bro.
by filter92932932932 October 9, 2008
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Stimulant craving individuals who are probably undiagnosed with ADHD and other psychiatric illnesses;

These attention craving menaces are likely to falsify there capabilities i.e " i studied minimum 10 hours everyday this week and worked out 3 hours as well";

These stimulant junkies are likely to have poor diets which mostly consist of Mountain Dew, Coffee, Cookies, Chips and pastries, they probably havent seen the inside of an oven in yeaaars!!;
Ephedrine Nixxas are most likely unvaccinated for basic immunization such as varicella, they harass there family doctors and secretary, they are nuisance to any functioning establishment (local universities and libraries).
A: This crazy Ephedrine Nixxa is on the study
B: What is "On The Study"
A: To be simultaneously engaging in academics as-well as physically mounting course work"

C:"that got-dam ephedrine nixxa was running all around campus with toilet paper in his pants"
C: "i saw him prank call 12 people on kijiji all before lunch time"
Ephedrine Nixxa: "PARVATI CHOWDHURY IS THAT YOU? .. btw any of y'all have mountain dew?"
by EPHEDRINE-HEAD March 26, 2023
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Ingredient in Speed/Ice.
Used to be in Vick's Inhaler's, can now be obtained pure to make homemade shit.
"Ever wonder why someone would need to buy 24 Vick's Inhaler's at 4:00am. I tell you, they don't have a cold."
by Diego August 18, 2003
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A nasal decongestant, also used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine, and methcathinone. Sold in OTC meds,
It is illegal to buy pseudo-ephedrine in mass quantities in the US.
by Blicka February 15, 2006
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