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Enver is the most genuine man you’ll ever meet. The first moment you meet him he won’t hide a thing, from the start he says it as it is, he’s very straight forward, although sometimes a little harsh for some. But that’s okay because at least you’ll always know where you stand with him. He tries his best to portray himself as just a “tough guy” but actually he has a very sensitive & deep side to him as well. He’s a charmer, although he doesn’t realize because this trait of his isn’t forced he was just blessed with it so he can get his way in almost any situation. You can trust him. He is a solid friend. He always has your back just don’t fuck him over. Enver is a keeper.
by Unicorns_exist_006 July 15, 2018
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A guy that has no friends, no life, or any kind of social interaction.
Gabo is a fucking enver.
That guy is the most enver person I've ever met.
by El Venado July 14, 2006
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