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Ravishing piece of French ass that captains the barricade during the infamous student-led June Rebellion in Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. Repeatedly compared to Greek gods/heroes because he's just that perf. Aside from indoctrinating dull peeps about REVOLUTION!!! he sometimes feels inclined to hold spontaneous crash courses in sass 101.

Also manages to acquire a fanboy who worships him but real talk Enjolras is already in a mutually exclusive relationship with the Motherland so unless one has something to contribute about his beloved Patria, merci mais non merci. But oH my friends mY FRIENDs they die holding hands and in that moment all the stars wept and fell from the sky. Ergo all of Javert's silent sentinels went mia and no thanks to all his starry amigos deserting him for some revolutionary French boys he ends up swan-diving into the Seine. (Note: this explanation may be considered sacrilegious to the brick but not to the fangirl/boy heart).

So to conclude: you may think Enjolras is just your average Graeco-Roman god incarnate, carbine-wielding revolutionary faced Venus, but in reality, he's so much more than that. He can be a royal bitch but we fucking adore him because we all know that in his core, he has a heart that's as golden as his hair. If you aren't madly in love Enjolras you are either:

1. wrong
2. wrong
3. in denial
I decided that Enjolras rules the barricade of my heart.
by ramenoodles May 17, 2013
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