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Small spittle buildup at the edges of the mouth commonly brought on by sleep deprivation and an enjoyably adventurous lifestyle. Chemical analysis of saliva likely to reveal a wide variety of high quality spirits, beers and hot beverages as well as possible indication of slightly more decadent substances.
1. woah dude you got englerts (New York-ese)
2. looks like a particularly fun night has resulted in a touch of englerts in me gob (Londinium)
3. Dude you just brushed your teeth or something? Where the hell did you find a toothbrush in a disused warehouse rave?
- Naw man, probably just Englerts
4. Either you've just drunk a delicious and foamy cappuccino or you might wanna wipe the Englerts off yer mouth
5. The lighting is appalling in here and I can still see you've got Englerts. No - not your nose, your mouth. No the other side. Jesus. Have some Chungy to sort out your saliva.
by Young M Chungy April 14, 2014
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