Engineering Students are groups of men, usually young men, who collectively agree to abstain from sexual intercourse.
Don't bother offering us that stinky pinky. We are Engineering Students.
by Social Studies Major April 19, 2019
A pathetic human being who studies a ridiculous amount of time just to hardly pass a class. Electrical engineering students are known for their love of MARVEL movies and metal music or punk occasionally, spending hours making edits of their professors, having bad hair, being socially awkward and functioning on little to no sleep. Half of them are sexists. An electrical engineering student can either evolve to a decent and happy human being or continue on and become a professor themselves. As some people say, one dies a hero or lives long enough to become the villain
Person A: Why is this guy hugging his laptop and crying?
Person B: Oh, he must be an electrical engineering student
by au_in_ece June 15, 2020
doesnt even have to tell his parents he is gay! there will always be that one snake in your engineering class
wow look at that engineering student what a snake !
by sssssssssnakeeeeee February 19, 2018