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A team of super-powered emo kids recruited by a being called Captain Emohead who try to stop the Evil Empress (I don't know who that is either) from taking over Earth. The team consists of: Vicken, the "Weeping Tears" Emo Ranger; John, the "Chronic Stoner" Emo Ranger; Ross, the "Introspective" Emo Ranger; Luke, the "Chaos Mohawk" Emo Ranger; and Stef, the "Bleeding Heart" Emo Ranger".
Go, go emo rangers? Visit for more information.
by crazyrabbits May 25, 2005
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the coolest butt kickers in the world: crissssssay, quangers, meliss-emo.

we are the infamous emo rangers, here to comb your hair!
by mely April 30, 2005
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A person who has no life and wears black all the time and wears makeup all over their face and has a whole bunch of emos and goths with him/her herds emos and hangs around odd places and just stands there or send their minions after happy people.
whoa is that an actual emoranger in public?
by Sittinggnome181 May 31, 2006
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A disgrace to the original Power Rangers who were fiersome ninjas empowered by Zordon (a talking head in a crystal case) who gave them the ability to morph and to even up the score against the forces of evil (which varies depending on the series). The real Power Rangers were granted giant fighting robots called "Zords" that combine into a larger, more powerful Zord. The "Emo Rangers" however are given wussy outfits and less than threatening pansy robots. The original theme song was, in fact, done by a metal band to show the pure raw power and badassery versus the "moshing" variety of Emo rangers who sulk in a darkened corner kicking their legs slightly.
Power Rangers: "It's Morphin' time!"
Emo Rangers: "It's sulkin' time...."
Power Rangers engage in epic ninja battles with flashy explosions
Emo Rangers cry and smoke up.
Power Rangers morph into fierce animals.
Emo Rangers comb their hair and paint a bleeding heart on their face.
by Cesco October 01, 2006
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