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Emmery Ann is a beautiful, kind, loving, and happy person. She will always stick to your side and be there with you through the thick and thin. She loves to act, dance, and get good grades. She has beautiful brown eyes and black hair. She is so smart. There is nobody like her. She is the best friend you always wanted and more. She supports you in whatever you do and isn't afraid to tell you what you did wrong. She is beautiful, trust worthy, strong, and my best friend. Love Val. <3
Hey look at her! She is so beautiful!

Yeah I know she's an Emmery.
by Slugbugqueen June 10, 2013
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She is beautiful and caring. A girl named Emmery is usually very talented and skilled. She’s loyal and a great girlfriend, she’ll always be be your side. On the other hand, don’t get on her bad side cuz you will feel the wrath of a devil. Disrespect an Emmery and your in deep shit.
Those looks kill.

Yea she looks like an Emmery.
by slooshy December 16, 2017
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