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Emma "Twatson" is one of the more vulgar nick names a person dubs one British "actress" Emma Watson. Usually, only the most hateful of anti-Emma Watson persons are liable to use this name.
Anti-Emma #1: Urgh, look it's that one what's-her-bimbo on TV. What's hername? Ellen Dotson? Emma Twatson?
Anti-Emma #2: Yeah, the later of the two....
Rabid Fan Girl: OMG!!!!11! Yur al sooooo jealouzof hur! Emmaz teh prettiest, hottest gurl evah! Eleventy!One!!! Lyk OMG!!!
Anti-Emmas in unison: STFU
by Peaseblossom85 July 15, 2006
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What an unintelligent and ignorant person calls Emma Watson to make themselves feel better in their lonely lifes.
brainless person 1: OMG!!! Eww It's Emma TWATSON LOL LOL LOL!!!!!1!1
person 2: Why don't you like her?
brainless person 1: Beacause she's prettier than me and has more talent than I could ever dream of having! DUH! I needa talk bad about her because I needa make myself feel better. Oh but I don't let it get to me I have ma own life!!!11
person 2: you..idiot!
by iamme September 23, 2006
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