Also known as "Emma Menzies". A beautiful, truly stunning young woman who is insecure with no valid reason; her insecurities are actually perfections. She is breathtaking, and she has the most beautiful heart of all. Her eyes change colours with her mood but always tend to make you melt. She looks gorgeous in everything she wears, and makes all your dreams come true just by saying hello. She is an angel and truly is an angel on Earth. She's a princess and gives the best kisses. Her boyfriend is incredibly lucky, and refers to her as his fiance or wife.

She will make an amazing mother, and makes any fella fall in love with just "hello"
You wish you were like Emma.
by ahoymymates June 12, 2013
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The most amazing, beautiful, fun to be around, and intelligent girl you will ever meet in your life. She is one of God's greatest gifts. She is goofy and funny in her own way, she loves all of her friends and they love her too. There's some thing different about her that no other girl has, this is one of the many qualities that makes her special <3
Guy 1: wow shes an emma
Guy 2: how do you know?
Guy 1: cause im in love with her
by urbandictionary123321123321123 December 11, 2010
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a girl who really stresses out. even the little things. for example a big test is coming and she has a meltdown, but then precedes to get a 100
your gonna do fine, stop being an emma
by ihateschool124 June 02, 2014
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The most wonderful girl in the universe, Emma is smart, sexy, sweet, loving, strong, and exciting. Emma can turn a bad day into a happy one just by smiling! Emma is the best thing that ever has and ever will happen to a guy with the first letter of his name being: A.
Boy: I'm feeling tired...

Emma:*Smiles at boy*

Boy: Wide awake and happy as can be!
by Lucki3st guy 1n the world September 23, 2012
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Emma, is soo pretty, sexy, nice, kind, and outgoing, if you ever meet emma, all you will be thinking, is OMG she is so pretty, i want to date this girl, emma is somewhat pretty, and attracts guys instantly, emma is the one for you. Emma has a booty like kim kardashin

Hey, you know that really hot girl in grade 7? Yeah, emma?
Yeah thats the one,! shes so hot!
(Sexy), (Pretty), (Cute), (Nice Butt), (Emma)
by Jason Srocak March 25, 2012
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Emma, the most beautiful person somebody could ever imagine. If you have in Emma in you life, be careful, hold onto her and don't let her go. You can talk to Emma's about anything and have the time of your life when your with her. She can be the perfect combination between sexy and cute when ever she wants to. She will probably be on your mind 24/7 when your not with her, and she has good reason to be.
-Hey, is that the new girl?
-Wow, she's beautiful.
-Yeah, reminds me of Emma.
by OkanoganAnonymous September 23, 2012
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The most amazing girl I've ever met. She is an amazing girlfriend. Loyal and with never-ending love. She has the most beautiful eyes and lips. She can make you smile even when you don't want to. She can make you want her when you dont want her. She always manages to brighten your day. Without a doubt the easiest person to get along with. She makes me laugh on my worst days and on my best makes me love her even more, which is almost impossible. More incredible than any girl on this planet. My favorite person on this planet. Easily the best girlfriend a guy could ask for. Anything she wanted I would give it to her. Love of my life.
Emma: "Do I know you?"

Boy: "No, but I know who you are."
by Anon44472728 December 05, 2011
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