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This term is used to describe a woman in her late twenties with a large sex drive who consistently reaches sexual climax after very little time and effort. It is named after an attractive female with a reputation for a high level of sexual prowess named Emily, who is notorious for achieving orgasm very quickly in virtually every position and situation. Women use this word when discussing their latest sexual exploits among each other.
OMG! I finally hooked up with that new intern guy still in college at work and he gave me more Emilisms than I could remember last night. I practically had one as soon as he took off his shirt. He is so hot and looks just like the gardener I always wanted to do off of Desperate Housewives! I love being such a cougar!
by sock puppet voice susan April 20, 2011
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A term used to describe the abilty of lesbians to attract and pull unwanted straight girls.
Emily innocently dressed in green on a hockey social was attacked by sailor girl. Photos later in the night suggested actions in the toilet where not of the toilet nature. Sailor girl was now green.
3months later:
Sailor girl confesses love Emilism occurs
Emily buys a hamster β€˜Spazmo Mc Clawface’
by Gaydeator March 27, 2007
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