The most amazing person you could ever meet. He is sweet, kind and funny as well, as incredibly sexy. If you ever meet an Emelio, don't let him go and someday he will love you like you love him.
He is such an Emelio. I think I'm in love.
by xoxoxoxoHOTTIEoxoxoxox August 29, 2016
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Emelio also spelled Emilio or Emilia / Emelia ( female ) is a Spanish, Italian & Hungarian name and has many definitions that conclude "rival" or "eager." among some perceptions.

A Sapien from an un-known realm to many and misunderstood by all. They can not be manipulated , confused or be brainwashed by secular involvements. Their DNA does not usually come from the secular world hence forth the confusion amongst society. The Founding Mother would also say. Not an O.G. Just a G. They are White-light-work for they only enjoy heterosexual activity but support all forms of sexuality.

Seen as competition but they do not have any in the world they come from by definition of thou shall not covet. Many look to throw invalid terms / immature references on this name while they really just hate themselves in vain.

Emelio / Emilio or Emilia / Emelia are commonly a mixed “breed” with many cultural influences un-benounced to future betrayal - humans . They also have commonly un-specified eyes. The demeanor of them would be seen as serious but kind to loved ones.

An Emelio / Emilio or Emilia is not an inside joke definition but a statement for society wanna be “Bully Types”. An Emelio / Emilio or Emilia / Emelia is a “Bullie's Bully” Type while enjoying a good meal.
That beautiful lady standing over there is very Emilia like, I want to meet her.

He has a very Emilio vibe to him , where he from ?

I heard Emelio’s Restaurant has very good food ! Let order some.

Damn girl! Them nails is poppin’ with that emelia green color!
by The Wise Fool by The Gate. December 13, 2021
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Emilio is a selfish prick who only cares about himself and doesn’t even have a good voice
That kid is such an Emelio because he really likes booty
by Hotdog wiener November 8, 2018
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sexy. big cock. hot. good in bed. owns many slaves. black penis.
Girl 1 : have you seen Tjsabbath Emelio ?
Girl 2 : you mean the sexy guy with the big black cock ?
Girl 1 : yup thats him
by Doony Moony September 13, 2022
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