Elver is one of the best, if not the best friend and lover. He will always be there. But don't get me wrong, he is kind , but when he has to he will kick your ass .he is also a man of true intelligence. Overall elver is a great guy to know
Damn Elver is such a badass.
by Flakkadout October 9, 2016
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Petite cock.(if you read Memoirs of a Geisha, intercourse is analogous to an eel entering a cave and moving around to find the right spot and spitting when it likes the cave. COCK:EEL::BABY COCK:ELVER
awwww....our pet elver...so cute.
"kick the elver! ...don't kick the elver!"
(derived from south park: "kick the baby!")
elver's hiding in the elver bush..he's shy. where'd he go?
by gwad damn u December 8, 2005
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- A baby eel.

- Some clame it to be an urban elf.
Gimme that elver. I looks nice and Juicy.
by Hovah January 25, 2005
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The woman who have the bigger combat instrument to make pleasure to any who need it

cellphone: +34 711711607

Please, call her and make your dreams comes true. She need you
Elver Galarga is beautiful
by el chico guapo de al lado December 5, 2019
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