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it's like the metro gnome, just with less letters.
damn, that urban elf keeps time like he done stole all the watches!
by thinjimmcgeekbeats July 02, 2005
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Refers to some men who live in large urban areas and have surrendered, lost, or never had a strong sense of traditional masculinity, partly due to the urban culture and lack of contact with nature.

Instead of engaging in traditional male activities they live very 'safe' lifestyles, often feminized. They eschew hunting, fishing, camping, the outdoors, self-sufficiency, or repairing things that break. Instead they prefer hanging out in coffee shops, trendy cafes, nightclubs, and working on Wall Street. They have totally absorbed the dogma of PC behavior and act highly offended at any evidence of thinking that does not resemble their own. The especially look down on rural folk and think anyone not from a city on the east coast or southern California is an ignorant redneck in the south. They engage in virtue signalling in a melodramatic manner, often in front of an audience of minorities and women.

'Louis CK' is a perfect example. As are most actors, white collar workers and corporate employees, They typically don't own cars and think NYC is the center of the universe. The city park is their only contact with soil and grass.

(Related to 'metro-sexual' but refers to more than just a style of dress. Also, it does NOT refer to gay men, though some gays may be considered Urban Elves).
"Those urban elves wouldn't survive one night alone in the woods. Most of them have likely never used a firearm and can't even manage a large knife."

"Urban males have become pussified, soft, and stuck in PC culture and attitudes. This urban elf needs to learn to be a man again."
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by Tiewaz May 21, 2017
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