Tall, slenderlike race that predominantly covers all of the Kingdom of San d'Oria. They have very high Strength and Mind attributes, but low MP and very low Intelligence. Their Agility and Dexterity are minimal at best as well. Making excellent Paladins and other damage-dealers, but lesser quality Black Mages and Summoners. That doesn't stop them from trying their best to make up for it, though.

They are roleplayed as silent, chivalraec people who will die to save a friend at a moment's notice. However, most Elvaan NPC's in San d'Oria are very racist towards anyone not from their hometown.
"Why are like half the Elvaan in the game Black Mages? They only need two stats: INT and MP, and they don't have either of those."
by Stammer6 June 8, 2006
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The tall narcissistic race of vanadiel they excel in the areas of mind and charisma, They make excellent whitemages. They are often seen Marrying someone but never go through with it.
Yay tahkuyne is getting married! .. oh wait.. nm.
by Kigami August 25, 2004
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