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The name given to a genre of highly controversial Youtube videos that appear to be aimed towards children, but usually contain inappropriate topics such as intoxication, pregnancy, injections up the anus, suicide, etc. The videos come in both poorly animated CGI, and live action. Countless Elsagate videos involve Spiderman and Elsa in a certain situation, thus the name Elsagate.

Numerous theories have sprung up about the purpose of Elsagate, such as it being run by pedophiles and fetishists. Some theories suggest that it may even be run by a cult or be involved in the MKUltra project.
If you ever give your toddler/baby a tablet to watch videos on, keep an eye on them. It's possible that Elsagate content may start appearing.
by AdhesiveMadMan November 27, 2017
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A situation involving YouTube, advertisers and creepy kids channels which helped start a Monetisation crisis on YouTube.
Person #1 : Dude, these weird videos keep popping up on my recommended section.
Person #2 : It's probably an Elsagate video, report it and move on.
by Infinity0706 August 07, 2018
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