One who is bold, powerful and bound for great things in life; A household name for overall greatness.
"I'm not sure who thought of this great idea, but it had to of been an Elrod!"

"Maaaan, that guy there is the black sheep; what an Elrod he is! I love it!"
by bigfactsnews December 6, 2019
a word that is scremed out at the top of your lungs at the most inapporate times.
ELROD!!! when you are makeing a shoot in pool
by killerbunny454 November 10, 2003
Slacking off, or otherwise attempting every means possible to get out of work;

Incarnates laziness;
Actively seeking inactivity
Quit elrodding and get back to work!
by Wordswithfriends July 2, 2011
HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT x252848261684902187463728
by Marvin 💀 January 13, 2017
She is a whole spanish fishing rod. She honks when she laughs sometimes. She always wants a RedBull, and a boyfriend. She always thinks her hair is bad. 1SG yells at her and eats her food. She eats chips and feels guilty about it. She is obsessed with the band Twenty One Pilots. She short.
Omg, Madison Elrod, get it together!
by Butterball_Turkey101 October 28, 2019