An Elite team is a bunch of self important gosu's.

They huddle around each other under the pretence of working hard, when in fact they are hardly working and just comparing pubic hair length on each others testicles.

The gang normally consists of an over enthusiastic leader, a pet that is carried around, the joker and the silent one. They can also be found hanging around gay bars in Stoke looking for prey!
Tim: Hey Mike, you get that deal in for me
Mike: Sharky sharky, get him in fancy a game of fifa?
Ben: Is that the crowd saying "let me go"
Tim: Rob, help us
Tom: Put £25k on the board please
Mike: Sharky sharky 3 and off!
Ben: I love you Tim
Mike: Sharky sharky sharky add a new leader
Tim: Lets all touch eachothers cocks we are the Elite Team
by Paradox007 February 1, 2011
A group of wannabe "1337 haxors" who are "organized like a team, hacking like a family". Possibly the lamest group on the internet. In reality, they couldnt hack their way out of a paper bag. Should be shot on sight to save the gene pool from their utter dickish-ness.
"Did you see how someone hacked the ** ***** club website?"
"yeah, 'elite top team', what wankers. They hacked a site with absolutly no security and completly useless to the rest of the world"
"Wow, they must be PRO!!! those boodly scalawags, hope they wipe their manginas."
by hotdoghero May 29, 2006
Group of retards, thinking they can amount to something actually useful to the people they work with.
Team elite, psh what a bunch of cawck suckers lel
by Cl4p-trap December 19, 2016
a Gang, more so league of Ohioians formed to take over and see mass number of money by any means nessary.
Located in Dayton, Ohio
Gangs involved include:BLOODZ, Cripz, VL's and GD's
E.S.T. took over like Nino and CMB.
Elite Supreme Team gettin Money an they bangin 4real
by Keith Mcgriff July 7, 2006
When a person thinks that their team is elite. But it is just straight up trash or garbage
I has an elite team only aha yes. I am rank 11th out of 12th
by Elite Team October 30, 2019