An Eli is a unit of measure. 1 Eli equals 3 interceptions. Eli is derived for the NFL Quarterback Eli Manning. He often throws for 3 interceptions in 1 game, as such the act of throwing 3 interception has been dubbed... an Eli. a QB that throws 4 interceptions in one game can be referred to as having thrown for 1.33 Eli's.
Wow, he just threw for an Eli.
by Payton Manning October 06, 2013
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The chemical formula for a perfect swee, containing a perfect balance of liquid, inedible solid, and edible solid
Tom: Conor pour some blue on that BLT and wrapper and everyone else sam, loz, pad, luke, mark and josh join in making a swee
conor: Ah yes! now that is a ELI
by the ELI team April 06, 2009
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Some who is fucking brilliant, this guy will be the guy who helps you when your drunk and cant walk and is all in one fucking awsome.
you're a fucking eli mate.
by what's your handle? October 18, 2014
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(Background: Israeli)
The universal name of every Israeli known to man kind. Ever.
My Israeli dog's name is Eli.
My Israeli friend's name is Eli.
My Israeli midget's name is Eli.
by Shiri May 19, 2004
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An adjective used to describe something weird or overly sketchy yet not necessarily serious
"Man, that prank that Frank played today was so eli. I don't think he meant it but it still creeped me out"
by Chuck Young September 27, 2006
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Eli, sometimes short for Elijah derives from the Bible, in Africa Eli is translated into "the holy one". Eli is now a name mostly used in the south and is generally a strong person who can deal and or cope with most any situation astoundingly.
A trust worthy person who only wants the best for friends, and family. Eli's don't usually have addictive personalities but they do fancy themselves a drink now and then to relax maybe even a cigarette or cigar from time to time but never know to be a druggie. Usually tall and handsome with a reserved sense of self.
Man every time me and Eli go out we always have a great time, he always knows how to help a friend out when their feeling low.

I know man, Eli is a hell of a man.
by He suggested December 20, 2016
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The coolest , sweet, awesome, lit and funny girl ever. She is so sweet and kind to anyone she knows. She is one of the smartest and brightest people you know. She always smiles and never stops laughing. SHe is also fiesty and ready to party!
Eli is so cool!
by meow_unicornsprinkle January 12, 2017
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