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the process by which a male cuts off his partners head at the neck, and continues to stick his member into the newly created throat straight up and down.
Stan" I gave your sister the elevator shaft yesterday

Mark" That would explain the blood
by W frum August 15, 2008
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When two guys both engage in anal sex with each other at the same time. Both thrusting in and out like an elevator shaft (up and down).
Eric and David like performing an elevator shaft while they are being watched.
by DXtremz November 27, 2015
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To publicly obliterate the credibility, validity, or integrity of a person, place, object, organization, or idea to such an extent that the victim experiences a level of degradation greater than or equal to the amount of humiliation commonly experienced when tumbling down an elevator shaft.
"Did you see that huge piece of toilet paper stuck to the boss's shoe during the meeting last night?"

"Haha, yeah man; totally elevator shafted."


"Oh my gosh, were you there when that kid snuck up behind the principal and pantsed him?"

"Totally man! Spongebob boxers: extreme elevator shaftage!"
by SlangSultan November 15, 2011
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Drinking a draft beer in one sip so that instead of having a sip line every few inches, the entire glass is coated with the leftover foam. Works especially well with Guinness.
I just elevator shafted that beer. It went... STRAIGHT DOWN!!!
by ojc nyc April 06, 2009
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