1. an occurence of an extreme disappointment.
2. drawing the short straw.
3. occures when you are completely screwed over i.e. dos sabados para change purse mexicana.
Aw man why did you tray me Tiny? What a shaftage totale!
by Chet Willyamz April 10, 2003
1. The ultimate shaft
2. The act of being wronged incredibly
3. Falling incredibly short of the intended goal
What? An F on the math test? SHAFTAGE TOTALE!
by Sergio Smeillew April 10, 2003
shaftage, to the max.....this is my word goddamnit
Winfrey got shafted when the school ran out of food.
Joe got shafted with a pair of scissors.
My algebra 2 teacher shafted me out of passing, i was shafted by her cuntage (see cuntage)
by Ryan Jackson March 12, 2004
Similar to cleavage but for when your pants are pulled down slightly below where your dick starts so a little bit of shaft starts to show
Yo dawg that nude you sent to Samantha had some major shaftage. Props bro, shit was worthy of a MOMA exhibit.
by Jfc idc February 2, 2022