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the most beautiful, sexiest, kindest and most generous person you will ever meet. they tend to literally steal your heart at first sight.they wear little to no makeup because they are natural beauties.. if you do ever meet one you can never ever let them out of your life. Once you have had an elesha, you won't be happy with anything else. They are worth fighting for... plus they are always totally awesome, enjoys rockin out,deserves to be worshiped.
boy#1: dude, i wanna find an awesome chick.......

boy#2:what you need mate, is an Elesha.
by mjord August 05, 2011
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A bitch who will be nice to you until she finds a boyfriend. When she finds a boyfriend she will screw you over and when she gets dumped will come back running to you. She is a person who sometimes gets dragged into bad things and is a bad person.
Thats Elesha, shes a whore.
by Niyx December 12, 2010
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