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when two individuals have loud sex in the "doggy style" position
By the look of Paris Hilton's face, you can obviously tell she's been having rigorous elephant sex.
by Stereotypical Asian LOL August 05, 2010
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This term is literally derived from the action of two elephants having sex.
In any case, the elephant has a huge penis, and this is represented by a human males knee.

This can be taken as boyish behaviour act, as males will take their friends/mates by surprise in "elephant sexing" them.

Please see examples.
Example 1:
John, and Dave are walking along, when John then walks behind Dave and uses his knee in a thrusting fashion into Daves ass.
Thus creating the effect of having sexual intercourse with an elephant.

Example 2:
Person 1: "Ha ha I just elephant sexed you!"
Person 2: "Ouch that hurt what are you doing?"
Person 1: "You have just been shagged by an elephant!"
by Nala GarnDer May 19, 2009
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