Why the hell are you searching up the word electric tape on urban dictionary.
May:what’s electric tape
Luke: I don’t know. Just don’t search it up on urban dictionary
by Meeyuhh July 18, 2019
This is where a girl get's electrical tape and places it over her nipples, in a cross shape, or a heart shape, or any shape, most popular is the cross shap using two strips of tape.
Let's make an electrical tape bra and put it on myspace
by Mooooooose August 6, 2006
A guaranteed-to-fit lingerie substitute. Sometimes abbreviated BET.
"I'll give you $10 if you put on some BET and run around..."
by Robert Halfling May 8, 2004
When you put on wool socks during sex, rub your feet on the floor, and shock them.
Dude I gave Jen an electric scotch tape last night!
by Hambone6996 October 22, 2013
Definition 1: While in a exited or disgusting mood and/ or feeling, the mans testicles or the womens clitoris, is so sticky, slimy, and vinegary, that there is nothing that will not stick to them.
My balls were acting up so bad they started to feel like Electrical Tape.
by Dick muncher 246 January 8, 2011