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Originating from the World of Warcraft realm, Cenarion Circle, he played a rogue for two years, named Daggerchubz(then changed name to Trilden), after that, he went on to create a druid on the realm of Hyjal. Eldeon hit 80 within 3 days the expansion was released. He was in the guild of, "Reborn" for most of the time. Then he grouped up with a lot of the first 80's to create Djinn, which became a very successful guild. With Djinn up and running, Urdadie(Guild/Raid leader) pushed every raider hard, creating the guild it was. But the guild suffered from a load of QQ and drama. The life of Djinn was short lived, but fun packed. Leaving the guild, he set off to transfer, with a friend (Hyphxcleric) to Dethecus. On their first arrival, they found it hard to find a decent PVE guild, but soon joined a steady guild, named Supremacy. Supremacy had a lot of QQ as well, so then a few members, including officers left to create their own guild. With Scorpian, Recoome, Barbatos leaving to create Serious Business, Eldeon and many other non QQ raiders joined as well. To this day Serious Business as been progressing as an excellent guild. Eldeon is now a successful Tree healer and boomkin, with the 19th best resto druid gear in the server. To this day, Eldeon continues to PVE as well as PVP.
Eldeon is the best facking healer druid on this server.
by mizdachubz May 15, 2009
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