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A World of Warcraft server known for a large number of griefers, scammers, and forum trolls. Ninja looters will typically be congratulated for their new gear, trolls are treated like celebrities, their most famous player ever was a lowbie ganker, and outting real life embarassing details of your enemies on the servers forums is seen as a 'win'.

I rolled an character on Dethecus and was ganked in Goldshire by a level 70. What is with that server?
by Vir March 08, 2007
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A World of Warcraft server that serves as a cesspool for the illegitimate, neglected, and abused children of the world.

A server where talking crap is far more important than playing ability, as is obvious in the realm's forums. Players can observe other players here, such as Svarthorne, Wumpus, Marchosias, Outbakjack, Gaultier, Aggromagnet etc. spew loads of sewage. That being all they're able of doing, because their playing ability is the equivalent of a brain dead monkey.

A good measure of a player's talent is how much shit they talk, the more they do, the more terrible they are.

Dethecus is also a place where mildly retarded and unfunny kids try their hardest to be clever, and creative. A good way to tell if someone is one of these people that try too hard is to see if they use terms such as "GSO" and think they're actually witty or funny.

Come, join the Dethecus community, and be a part of a fantastic place where having an internet reputation is more important than not only how good of a player you actually are, but also a social life, job, school, eating, etc.
I 1v1'd a Dethecus player and corpse camped him for hours, because he is bad.
by Sevvy September 11, 2006
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Dethecus Well Dethecus seems pretty decent to me, except for this one Horde named Ztricksta who is a rogue, or his death knight named Trickksta, he constantly is killing me over and over again in Storm peaks when i try to do my Hodir dailies. He just cant seem to leave any of the AF alone and he kills me and my friends a numerous amount of times, every time i see him there
Ztricksta kills us alot in dethecus.
by diestoomuch March 21, 2009
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World of Warcraft PVP server.

This server was filled with "gear equals skill" trashbag players until the likes of Nurfed (horde), Relentless (alliance) and the professional pvp'ers of PfB (alliance) arrived on the scene in early 2006.

This servers glory days began and ended with the arrival and departure of the afore mentioned guilds. The current state of Dethecus is laughable. At the time of this entry, not a single guild remains on Dethecus that can down C'thun and the organized battlegrounds consist of fury warriors, people without weapon chains, shadow priests, moonkin druids, fiery weapon enchants, ret paladins and main assists that say "i dunno just attack somethin".

Do not transfer here.

We stomped that group so hard, I thought we were back on Dethecus.
by Aegeus October 16, 2006
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