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A level of excitement caused by an object, event, person or emotion. The extreme excitement causes one's forearm to rotate clockwise, using the elbow as the fulcrum. The resulting movement is known as elbowing.

Elbowing was first seen in Caucasian males with a specific yet deranged gene mutation. The gene mutation causes these males to dance better (or sometimes worse) than the standard Caucasian.

Elbowable is a close cousin (though not blood cousin) to Fist Pumpable.
Dude 1: "Did you see that dude's mustache?"

Dude 2: "Yes. It's approaching an elbowable level."

Mustache'd Dude: "I just overheard you two talking about my mustache. My girlfriend doesn't like my mustache. Your approval of my mustache makes me want to dance."

Dude 1 & 2: "Dance? Let us teach you The Elbow."
by Wellwood October 07, 2010
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