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The act of meeting someone once and having sex with them twice.
I only met her once, but I fucked her twice... elbow macaroni, bitch!
by randommushroom September 15, 2010
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When you meet a female only once, but you fuck her twice.
Yo my nigga, last night i met this bitch chillin wit everyone. I brought her home and you know damn straight I laid down that elbow macaroni. I didnt bother gettin her numba though, no need for it.
by Dislexsick June 26, 2008
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A gentleman with a penis curved to the left covered in lowfat cheeze wiz who receives a blow job from a woman. As he is about to ejaculate he elbows her in the head and yells, "dinner time!"
As soon as he took off his pants and brought out the cheeze in a can he knew it would be elbow macaroni for dinner.
by delton1010 October 05, 2010
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