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El Matadore is a spoof, Yorkshire based grime/hip hop artist. His videos are for comedy purposes, and some of the claims he makes whilst talking to the camera back this up.

He is most well known for his Devvo diss that made it onto the Doncaster Chav's website, fat - pie. This prepelled him into the spot light, with a large share of people taking his side in the "beef".

Its subtle humour, but its hilarious! If you are into observational comedies such as The Office, Lead Balloon, and even Alan Partridge, this is for you!
El Matadore - "Being brought up where I'm brought up, (Sheffield), is like a game of dice.... roll for a 1, live life on the street, roll for a 6, (points to himself)... and lifes a bloody treat...."
by Shaun Wonder April 21, 2008
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