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A super, funny, smart, nice, and pretty girl! She always makes you laugh no matter how you feel!
Person 1: I'm sad :(
Person 2: Go talk to Ekeoma! She will make you feel better!!!
by TruthinNames January 26, 2013
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A really friendly girl who you'd definitely love to meet if you haven't already. She's quite honest and doesn't talk behind your back. She's intelligent, kind (mostly), funny, pretty and lovable ; just don't get rude to her - this side of her isn't so lovable. Even if she hates you she wouldn't make it obvious, but then that can be quite a scary thing. A sensitive female and like most girls LOVES getting presents/money.

You'd love a girl like her for sure.
"Ekeoma is so nice, we've been best friends since we were babies! "
"I hear Ekeoma is a really nice girl. I wanna meet her sometime."
by Hudl May 23, 2018
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