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A professional footballer from Argentina who is popular for statpadding goals against lower table teams. He goes to Europe with a bottle in his hand, gets eliminated, cries and returns to Spain and lashes out at Eibar.
I needed 13 goals for this game in my betslip. Lucky for me, Eibar-Man just came on.
by KPOOR September 06, 2020
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A finished professional footballer from Argentina. He ghosts in clutch important matches and prefers to stadpad against small teams like the sides of Eibar, Elche or Mallorca. When he's at it, he likes to shamelessly celebrate his goals from 5 yards against those sides.
Did Messi score today? No, but Barcelona plays against Eibar next week. Perfect game for Eibarman to getting called the goat.
by Yooooooooooooo1110000 November 05, 2020
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Eibarman is named after Argentina football player Lionel Messi who likes to score goals against Elche, Eibar, Osasuna, Cadiz FC, Deportivo Alaves, Getafe CF, and SD Huesca.
Eibarman loves scoring goals agains Eibar.
by Leoromessi September 06, 2020
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A professional player who plays for barcelona that derives pleasure in scoring tons of goals against small teams eg...'eibar' and uses such teams to boost his numbers and statistics
Eibarman never ceases to destroy Eibar
Scoring tons of goals against mighty Eibar is the work of the one and only Eibarman
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by Barca_official September 06, 2020
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A professional soccer player from Argentina who is widely recognized for domestic triumphs and statpadding of goals against Eibar FC. He goes to Europe with a bottle in his hands, get eliminated and cries. Returns back to Spain and gets angry with Eibar.
I needed 12 goals in that match, I had no fears because Eibar-Man was on the pitch.
by KPOOR September 06, 2020
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A fake name for the best footballer in the world Lionel Messi, crafted for him by fans of the tapin merchant Penaldo for scoring 38 goals against Sevilleibar, 32 against Athleticeibar, 29 against Valenceibar, 27 against Bilbaeibar and 26 goals against the almighty Eibar Lite (Real Vardrid)
1. Depressed clueless Vardrid/Penited/Juventass fan: "Eibar man can only score against eibar😭"

2. Tekashi Inui is the Eibar man since he's their main striker but people with lack of football knowledge and English don't know he's the Eibar man.

3. Eibar and Eibar man are miles clear of Crystal Palace.
by High IQ football fan May 09, 2021
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