(Latin): An exclamation of sorrow or anger; Oh no!, Oh dear!
Eheu! You just completely got your shit ruined! Eheu!!!1
by AP January 22, 2004
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An exclamation of calamity, misfortune or bad karma. Derives from Latin exclamation ("eheu" literally translates as "Bummer!").

Likely to be the only word a student remembered from Latin class, at least in the days when students actually learned Latin rather than Media Studies and Modern Dance.

Popularised in Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle's classic "How to Be Topp":

"The Hogwarts
by Marcus Plautus Molesworthus

Sene One. The villa of Cotta at Rome. Enter CORTICUS a dreary old slave and RADIX his mate

CORTICUS:(laying a skin of wine at the sideboard) Eheu!
(The headmaster and all lat. masters who watch roar with larffter)
RADIX: Eheu!
(More larffter they are in stiches)
RADIX: Eheu!
(The curtain falls as the masters rolle helplessly in the aisles.)"
Sports fan 1: I see "Abstain for the All Blacks" is fronted by possibly the least sexy sportsman alive.
Sports fan 2: A fiver says the person who's *behind* the campaign is his wife.
Sports fan 1: Quite possible, except she wouldn't actually fit behind it.
Sports fan 2: Eheu!
by Electricray August 17, 2011
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the cry out you say when your in Latin and you get something wrong, the latin translates into "oh no!'.
eheu is a word you say when you are in danger.
by poldog May 12, 2011
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1. An expression of disbelief and or anger towards an incident, i.e. a cuss. When you react in a dejected manner.

2. Latin, 'alas!' (expression of pain)
Person one: "I spilled coffee all over my pants"
Person two: "Eheu you caffeinated your clothing"
by Monolithically July 20, 2021
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