The name of a very famous egyptian popstar. His last name is tawfik, was also spelt tawfeeq, tawfik, tawfeq.
Ehab Tawfik's latest album, Hobbak Alemmini, was very good
by cooliematthew November 04, 2005
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A sex god with an extremely large penis of a size of at least 24 inches. Also has a super hot body
OMG! That kid is SUCH an ehab!
by HiHOEHit April 04, 2017
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Slang for a penis, dick, or massive erection.
I've got a raging ehab right now.
Dude, stop being such an ehab.
by 2124912419 September 30, 2010
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A worthless piece of trash, an Osama bin laden looking drug dealer with a small dick. No one really likes Ehab. Ehab usually hangs out with his dumb ass friends. He thinks he's so cool and smart but he's not. He also thinks he's SOOO attractive and can get all the girls but he can't because he has a small dick and no one likes him and all he does is ask for nudes and smoke weed. If you know Ehab Khara you're a very unlucky person
Ehab looks like Osama bin laden and smokes weed everyday with his leprechaun friend.
by JacobIsTrash June 10, 2016
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A disease for people. Ehab is a self obsessed and a complete asshole. His cute and stupid antics support the fact that he's immature. Being a scared and amazingly chicken-like makes him look funny. He's a fun-loving person, and his knowingness in many fields shows fake-ity.
Omg, he's so wierd, its like he's ehab.
by vinspire January 04, 2018
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