The term used when confronted with an important decision that could greatly affect your near future. But since you're under the influence of alcohol, hinders your good judgment.. and at the top of your lungs you scream, "EHHHH FUCK IT!" This notifies everyone around you that you don't give a fuck about your immediate future.
(Tuesday Night)
Dude1: Yo man are you ready for that test tomorrow morning?
Dude2: (Chugging Vladdy) W..what? test? Shit, I didn't start studying yet...........Eh Fuck It! (Drains vladdy bottle)
by Sledgerow January 27, 2011
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Angry Australian dads use this to greet their son while they are busy
‘Eh fucking cunt get off! You’ve been on that thing all day cunt!’
by IaintGotAUsernameLol November 11, 2019
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The Canadian version of fuckin' A. Used as an expression of excitement, agreement and/or approval of an unexpected situation.
Suppose you win a good game of poker while bluffing, a likely response would be "Fucking eh!!"
by Natalie Elyse May 25, 2008
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The Canadian version of fuck, used when very pissed off at something. Not to be confused with Fucking A
Alex: Jimmy just cancled coming to my party.
Brent: Fucking eh! Why is he so lame?
by Rockasuraus June 10, 2014
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