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An email that you regret sending.
I woke up and realized I sent an egret last night in my drunken state.
by curiousercuriouser August 02, 2010
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The regret felt after you realize that you should not have provided your email address to someone who then sends various annoying and otherwise intrusive emails.
Nancy continues to send me those annoying chain emails and keeps wanting to get together with me. I e-gret the day I gave her my email address.
by soup777 January 26, 2009
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e-gret (noun, verb): The feeling of sorrow, shame, remorse, or fear one experiences after sending an ill-advised electronic message (e-mail, IM, text message) that cannot be recalled.
I completely misread our flirty IM exchange, and now I'm filled with e-gret that I pinged her saying, "So, when are we gonna have sex?"
by Sassy76 August 05, 2008
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A message of regret sent by electronic mail. (defined by E Delk)
Betty remembered to send an egret to Sam's secretary concerning the March 15 committee meeting.
by KT Altman January 18, 2004
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aptly describes the moment of immediate regret when one ventures into the comments section of any news piece.
Oh god. These people commenting on this article are so stupid. I immediately e-gret reading these comments.
by Ho Lee Fuk May 31, 2012
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