While meaning "irritating," "annoying," "uncomfortable," or "awkward," the word typically describes a state of being and no longer bears a direct relation to actual eggs. For philological purposes, it can be noted that all these denotations date as far back as 1982, as used in Naperville, IL, USA.
"He was extremely eggy in his response to me"; "Have you met that eggy lady?"; "I'm feeling a bit eggy today"; "The practice room was cold and eggy."
by hiscane February 11, 2006
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when you want to say something is tokhmi, like in farsi, but you'd rather not say it in front of persian elders, you use the word eggy to get the meaning across, without having to use the actual term and get in trouble with your parents.
haha we just came back from being down 6 hands to 2 and beat you guys in hokm, kheyli eggy bordeem :)
by eggyroom January 22, 2010
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"Man! Who's dropped an eggy?! That is reisty!"
by No Cola December 15, 2003
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- extremely new; fresh; young;
- a very young girl (chick) who is not sexually developed;
- a very young girl who has just begun the very first stage of puberty.
You can't date her, she's too eggy for you! You shouldn't even be looking at her, you're a senior!
by Whats_In_It_For_Me March 12, 2012
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"Man dood, you got a baby dick!"
"Fuck you, you got eggies."
by smokey nagata December 17, 2008
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