Short for Sweet, meaning awesome, describing something that is preferable happening.
John: "How much is entry to that new club?"
Jessica: "It's free!"
John: "Ah, Eets!!"
by urfavouriteitem November 09, 2012
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The feeling of satisfaction or comfort achieved by drugs also used to say your fine.
I took three pills now im fucking eets eets
Nah dont worry about me i'll be eets eets
by OldFourNipsNeil November 05, 2013
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Eets is the collective noun for anything edible.

Pronunciation: AIDS.
1) I Can Haz Eets?

2) I'm hungry .... Let's get Eets!

3) Do you Eets?

4) I want Eets!
by Rinkusoz January 05, 2010
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eets is just short for eetswa ahich is sweet in pig latin. little eshay cunts use the word a lot cause they think they be owning sydney and they think they are kings.
Person 1. did you get the weed?
person 2. yeah bro!
person 1. eets bro
by your fucken ass cunt July 02, 2020
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the "backspace" button on a typewriter which does not erase the mistake, rather it goes back to the spot that the mistake and allowed you to type another letter over the previous one.

as referred to in Regina Spektor's song "Eet"
we all need and eet sometimes. as in we need all need a re-do sometimes.


I pressed the eet key as I made a mistake on my type writter
by iammeiamjimmy January 13, 2013
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An intended meeting at work that involves food.
Laura: Where is everyone going?
Sara: There's pizza in the conference room ... we're having an eeting w/ the boss to go over sales projections for the next quarter.
by DebLaDa February 03, 2009
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A feeling of emotion equivalent to forgetting the words to your favorite song.
You can't remember; you try to feel the beat.

Eet eet eet.
Eet eet eet.
by Greenee October 14, 2009
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