The best guy in the world. Can never fail to make you smile or laugh and has a personality like no other. Edy has the good looks and tiene hoes por donde quiera. He can steal anyones girl if he wanted to and he would never fail. Meeting an Edy is the best thing that could ever happen to you so if you ever decide to leave an Edy you need some help. If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with and Edy you will never regret it, Edy will do anything to see you happy and he would give you the best of him as long as you do the same.
Edy is used in a sentence to describe the meaning of a fine guy
by La mamalona January 9, 2022
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Edy/Edie is not to be confused with the name Eddy or Eddie. Edy/Edie is pronounce with a long E. It is a sublet of the name Edythe/Edith. Pronounce it as if you are saying the letters E & D.
My name is Edythe but you can call me Edy.. like the ice cream.
by Tunnelbana November 29, 2010
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Is an English name with some Irish roots good looker and most calm her fit. Her name means rich gift and that explains her personality and appearance!
Boys 'she's is fit af come on let's go and talk. I wonder if she's single'
Girls 'I like Edie she's really kind I think I should talk to her more often
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The name Edie is a rare English baby name that comes from the old English name; Eadgeth. Which means wealthy, happy or war. Edie can be considered a nickname for names such as Edith or Eden. Anyone with the name Edie is naturally joyful and often works hard to please all her peers and friends, resulting in her being loved by all. Even though some may consider her as an extrovert, she is known to be shy around new surroundings and always does the most logical answer. She is sensitive and gets hurt very easily, which often leads to her unhappiness, yet she tries to hide it. She often wants people to see her as a 'confident' and 'out-going' person and tends to distance themselves from their emotions so she doesn't give in and stay strong. Anyone with the name Edie is known to be super competitive and hates to lose any games, tournaments or debates (even if they are supposed to be 'friendly). Even though they may seem confident, they are very self-conscious about themselves and often tend to despise themselves the most overall (despite their loving personality). They are naturally beautiful and youthful and have high spirits. She is always hard on herself and never admits to her talents, even though she's very talented, creative and smart. As stated earlier, this often causes her to destroy her spirits, where she keeps her pain to herself. If you meet an Edie, be sure to keep her around, she always puts her loved ones first, she's selfless, loyal, smart, beautiful and bright!
"Oh man! She's such an Edie!"
by Tinkers123 October 17, 2019
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A person named Edie is generally a very trustworthy friend, although confused and annoyed by unfaithfulness, she can become a very close person, she has difficulty telling secrets to even trusted friends but is valued overall
by A Llama October 17, 2012
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Edie's are always extremely fit female's with a great sence of humor and a great attatude she can often get a little hyper and can be fisty when she needs to be she's a one of a kind girl and often gets called Eddie because of the way people read he name. Edie's are userally one of the kindest people you will ever meet but are never the best of spellers she is a GREAT kisser and hugger and will often try to flirt with people. Edie's are well know for the kindness and friendship.
Boys opinion 'wow look at Edie she's so fit lets go and talk to her'

Girls oppinion ' she's sooo lucky #shegetstheboys and she doesn't even need makeup to look pretty urg she's so lucky'

Girls that are bitches 'how is she getting the boys yh I get she has nice hair and all but seriously save some for us....'
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Princess Unikitty-she is definitely the sweetest girl you'll ever meet
Oh look it's Edie the Princess Unikitty what an awesome cat (edie)
by Aloeknowsbest June 7, 2017
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