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He is a really funny, kind, cute and loving guy. He is really romantic and takes it very seriously when it comes to a relationship. Edy is a one of a kind and there are not many like him. Edy is a cool guy.
Who's that funny guy?

Oh him? That's Edy!
by Lonegirl May 14, 2018
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Edy/Edie is not to be confused with the name Eddy or Eddie. Edy/Edie is pronounce with a long E. It is a sublet of the name Edythe/Edith. Pronounce it as if you are saying the letters E & D.
My name is Edythe but you can call me Edy.. like the ice cream.
by Tunnelbana November 29, 2010
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A midget who thinks he’s tall has syphilis on his scalp and gets friendzoned by every girl he encounters and he suffers from scoliosis
Damn imagine being an edy😭
by mihafheyas January 21, 2020
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