The captain that ran the Titanic into an iceberg on April 14, 1912.
"Watch what you're doing! You look like Edward Smith trying to drive this car!"
by ItzFlamez April 27, 2017
The UK's richest-ever prime minister, Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby, was the head of government for three terms during the 1850s and 1860s, and goes down in history as the longest-serving leader of the Conservative Party. The aristocrat, who was a major landowner, had a fortune of some $9.3 million, which in today's money amounts to $1.3 billion (£1bn).
Edward Smith-Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby
by Thetopman February 4, 2021
Most often used to describe someone who flakes. Often appears to have a box like head and blinks excessively. Uses words and phrases such as: ok, bet, just kidding, and not kidding. Has the mindset that everything he owns is superior to his opposers.
Guy1: I can't believe he said he was going to come to my party but never showed up.
Guy2: he sounds like a total Conner Edward Smith
by Johnnyon the spot June 14, 2016
The want to be man whore that cant get any women to save his life. He wants a women to show him a little affection but that will never happen
Did you hear about Nate Edward Smith being weird again
by nateedwardsmith May 11, 2022