Person who enjoys edging (masturbation technique). Usually does it for at least 3 hours, sometimes having 12 hours or all-day edging session.
He is a dedicated edger, he spent all weekend pleasing himself
by Leliel July 9, 2009
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Abuser of Animals. Enjoys humping cucumbers. Whilst folicking in the meadows with Yubber.

Otherwise known in the black world as a Rapist.
That man went to jail for being an Edger.
by Onion July 1, 2003
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One who invites themselves to parties/events they hear about through your own close circle of friends cuz they are lame and have no friends. Edging into a persons close circle of friends.
He is such and edger. He showed up at that show and wasn't even invited and then hangs like he was. He is so edging in.
by shloopy March 20, 2008
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A Man with a very small penis. Has To cover up with his "Compression Cannon" To live up to his "edge"
Poor guy, and people that fall victim to his small, but lethal "Compression Cannon"....
Kicks: Hawk` was kicked from #mro by Edger : BOOM! The Cannon never misses!
yes... sadly it doesnt :D
by 0nion July 3, 2003
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1. Some guy who wanted a definition on here.
2. Operator in #mro. Plays mRO and has a pet frog called Steve.
"Wow, Edger, you have a definition on urbandictionary!"
by I have no name. June 29, 2003
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A Operator in #mRO
24/7 Headband wearing Assassin in Ragnarok.
Noob: Hey Look. It's Edger! Hi Edger! Give me some cash!
Edger: Sure.. >< hands over 50k zenny
by Somebody June 30, 2003
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someone who likes to think of themself as "non-conformist." tries out new things. lives "on the edge."

adj: edgy
kid 1: omg! have you seen roxy's new haircut?

kid 2: yeah! what an edger.
by rockeroverhere July 18, 2006
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