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The best city in all of Minnesota. One of the richest cities in Minnesota. A lot of sports superstars live in Eden Prairie. Also has the best highschool. The football team is a dyansty. No one can stop it. Cake Eaters got nothing on Eden Prairie. Everyone just hates on Eden Prairie because they are sooooo damn good.
"GOD! I hate Eden Prairie. They are so good at everything and smart cool! I Just want to be like him", said the cake eater.
by epninerniner March 06, 2008
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Eden Prairie is one of the richest cities in Minnesota. It is full of upper class, white citizens. The kids don't know what to do with all of the money that surrounds them. The lifestyle is classy and full of parties. Money is not an issue for the people of Eden Prairie. Eden Prairie also has some of the best sports teams in the state due to the fact it has the biggest high school in the state. Eden Prairie= pampered, privileged lifestyle
You didn't grow up in Eden Prairie? You don't know what you are missing!
by blahblahblah2121212 April 02, 2010
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a city full of stuck up rich kids. a suburb of minneapolis, nuff said. teens in E.P are usually arrogant spoiled brats that mooch off of their parents paycheck, and use cell phones and ipods as a status symbol.think that they are tough just cuz they lift weights, when in realty, they wouldn't last 2 days in some of the rougher parts in minneapolis.
Eden Prairie population: 95% white, 1% black, 1% east african,3% latino
by with all due respect,,,,not January 25, 2011
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Let me tell you something, there are a lot of people who do not think Eden Prairie the best city to live in. I don't really care, maybe it's just the people around here, but who gives a crap. It's not really filled with rich stuck up bitches like people say, but some people are cocky here. Lots of complaints about people being "fake". Well, you know what, there's fake people everywhere. So, get over it. People tend to throw lots of parties here though. There are teens here that are considered 'skaters', 'stoners', 'bitches', 'preps', 'scene/vendies/etc', 'Group Names' and etc. I don't really like labeling people but thats what I've heard most people get labeled as. I guess there is a lot of white people here but there are other races here too. Sports here are good and what not, but Eden Prairie is just a place I've heard complaints about that's in Minnesota.
Eden Prairie is a city in Minnesota.
by 45854koklll23nsb February 07, 2011
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wannabe middle-class kids who are just jealous of the amazingly superior cake-eaters. (see edina)
that kid from eden prairie is jealous of me because im so much more fortunate than he/she.
by raphael July 06, 2004
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